Darrell Newton is an author of science fiction short stories and novels.

The Apprentice Stone - Cover

The Apprentice Stone

Book 1 of The Shadows of Time Series
eBook – Novel

In Medieval Spain, when Christians and Moors fought for both land and the hearts of men, Francisco escapes from his drunken uncle. Orphaned on the streets of Toledo, Francisco has nothing more than the clothes he wore and the family’s most prized possession: a simple stone with mystic powers that heals everything. But he must keep it secret and hurt no one, less he reverse its powers.

Since 3188 BC, the surviving soldiers from a future time war have fought among themselves and altered Earth’s history in the guise of gods or in the cover of shadows. The Key’ari consider the Earth timeline a fresh chance to correct the errors of alternate histories, and they intend to manipulate it in hopes of creating a utopia. The other faction, the Sittiri, fear that continued intervention will further disrupt the continuum and destroy the galaxy.

As the Key’ari threaten to overrun the outnumbered Sittiri, the Sittiri discover that Francisco is the answer to prophesy and could end the war. Each faction strives to recruit him without killing him or ripping time apart.

Child of the Stone - CoverChild of the Stone

Avar-Tek Event 4
eBook – Short Story

When an old peasant in medieval Spain unearths an ancient box, he discovers a power that will change his life. A silver plate promises to bring him and his wife out of poverty, but the true treasure lies hidden in another artifact: a simple stone. Once he discovers the stone’s powers, he must either tell the truth and forfeit it to the authorities, or let his greed corrupt it.

A Taste of Earth - Cover

A Taste of Earth

Avar-Tek Event 1
eBook – Short Story

NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid team is tracking asteroid 2027 UX25 when, without explanation, it changes direction and heads for earth. When they inspect the impact sites, they discover that the meteorite fragments are not what they expect.

The press has nick-named the asteroid ‘Hachiman,’ after the Shinto god of war and patron god of the samurai, an omen of things to come. Hachiman does not behave like an asteroid should. It fragments and impacts across the globe. The global environments changes: diseased plankton in the Atlantic Ocean, silicon-based killer organisms in northern Russia, and green-house gasses spike globally.
Reader’s Review:
five yellow stars – “Storyline picks up right where longer books start ‘getting good,’ and maintains momentum throughout. You get a good feel for the characters by their interactions, without the author delving too deeply into their backgrounds. The asteroid and it’s affect on the planet are center stage in this story, which kept my interest and kept me from putting it down! Highly recommended!”
~ by T. Sickles in an Amazon review, February 12, 2012

Death Has No Shadow

Avar-Tek Event 2
eBook – Short Story
When a military accident releases swarms of microscopic robots called forger nanites into the environment, science intern Kutisha finds that her lab is their target. As three swarms head her way, the military dispatches hover-tanks carrying human sized robotic mechs. Alone, late at night, she places her faith in the mechs, watching the battle between the big and little machines unfold on her doorstep. The question may not be who will win, but who to trust.
Reader’s Reviews:
five yellow stars – “A great short read! Just when you think you have the characters figured out the story ends with a shocking and exciting plot turn that leaves you wanting more.”
~ by RachelRS in an Amazon review, March 1, 2012
five yellow stars – “This book works well on two levels – the action is engaging, and the story leaves the reader with something to think about. Surprises are worked into the story very well.”
~ by Bobbie Bookworm in an Amazon review, March 1, 2012

Cohesion Lost

Avar-Tek Event 3
eBook – Short Story
For Alexander Sevik, providing for his family is hard enough without losing grip on reality. His dreams are real. One night, he lives the entire life of a deckhand on a Spanish galleon. The next night, it’s life as an ancient Roman senator. Next, he is a cyborg on a space cruiser. When he wakes, he sometimes forgets who he is. His hands tingle for no reason, and the strange man who is following him talks about aliens. When he discovers the key to his dreams, he uncovers a national threat. And he has to choose between his own sanity or saving lives.
Reader’s Reviews:
five yellow stars – “An wonderful futuristic look at the world where technology has pushed the limits of imagination but human nature remains the same. The story is fast paced and exciting, just like I like them. Good story! One I could not put down and wished were longer. I can’t wait for the next book from Justin Tyme.”
~ by Kay in an Amazon review, May 26, 2012
five yellow stars – “This is the third short story from this author, and I have enjoyed each one: A Taste of Earth, Death Has No Shadow, and this one. Each story involves a new point of view on possible new technology. In this one, Alexander Sevik is struggling to make ends meet for his family. He is a brilliant man with a promising new program, but he is haunted by dreams that are to real, memory loss, and loss of feeling in his fingers. I really enjoyed the mystery of what was happening to Alex and how it all folds out. Wish I could say more, but it would spoil the major plot twist.”
~ by Bobbie Bookworm in an Amazon review, May 26, 2012

Avar-Tek leads to Avar-Tek Events

Avar-Tek is a recent scientific or engineering breakthrough that has the potential to change society. Avar-Tek Events are short stories that showcase how future technology may change our world. In a fictitious world called Avar, these events did happen and changed the way people lived.