Power Fabric – Solar

My cell phone just died and I’m nowhere near a battery charger.

Science Fiction, power

The bane of most mobile devices is the battery.  It’s bulky, heavy, and wears out.  Designers have to make the device fit the battery size and shape.  Consumers have to make sure they’re near a power source to recharge it before it dies.

Now all you need is the right jacket and some light.


Enter Dephotex, an energy generating fabric created by Portuguese researchers at the Center for Nanotechnology and smart materials.  Dephotex is a “photovoltaic textile with properties inherent to fabrics: flexibility, low weight, durability, water/dust” (Dephotex: Textiles become photovoltaic).

In the Avar Chronicle novels, this technology is used in verisuits, combat armor, casual clothing, and building material.

Where do you think the best use of Dephotex would be?


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