Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) – Part 1

Earlier this week, The Associated Press reported that a paralyzed man remotely controlled a simple robot using only thoughts.  (The images shown here are not from that experiment, but from one done three years ago by Honda.  More on that later.) The robot was a small, simple device that moved on wheels, was equipped with a camera, and had a laptop computer perched on top.  … Continue reading Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) – Part 1

FDA Proposes Rules for Nanoparticles

On Friday, April 20, 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued tentative guidelines for food and cosmetic companies interested in using nanoparticles. “This is an emerging, evolving technology and we’re trying to get ahead of the curb to ensure the ingredients and substances are safe.” — Dennis Keefe, director of FDA’s Office of Food Additive Safety The FDA is “an agency within the … Continue reading FDA Proposes Rules for Nanoparticles

First Quantum Network Prototype

“One day, this might not only make it possible to communicate quantum information over very large distances, but might enable an entire quantum Internet.” Dr. Stephan Ritter, leader the experimental team from Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ). That one day is likely years away, but for now there’s been a step forward towards a quantum internet.  A team at the Max Planck Institute … Continue reading First Quantum Network Prototype

Intel’s 3D Transistors

I apologize for a short blog about something in the near future… or under present development, but the video does a great job illustrating the basic concept of transistors and more specifically, Intel’s new 3D Transistor.  Enough of my blather.  Here’s their images and video: Later this year, Intel expects to begin production of the new Tri-Gate processors, codenamed “Ivy Bridge.” Images and video courtesy … Continue reading Intel’s 3D Transistors

Healing Stones – Part 3: More Targeted Cancer Therapy

All that glitters is not gold.  Sometimes it is cancer. How about gold-plated cancer? We can do that now, or more technically: gold nanoparticles infused with an antibody called cetuximab attach to growth factors (EGFR) expressed on the surface of some cancer cells.  In other words, bind just the right antibodies to gold nanoparticles, inject them into tissue, and cancer cells will be covered with gold. Ok, … Continue reading Healing Stones – Part 3: More Targeted Cancer Therapy