Cyro – Large Robot Jellyfish

Source: Virginia Tech


A robotic jellyfish. Go figure.

Cyro is a human-sized jellyfish robot developed by team of researchers at Virginia Tech College of Engineering, headed by Shashank Priya. They modeled it on one of the world’s largest jellyfish, Cyanea capillata (AKA lion’s mane jellyfish). Cyro is a larger version of Virginia Tech’s human hand sized RoboJelly.

“Jellyfish make great models for self-powered and autonomous bots partly because of their relatively low metabolic rate, meaning they can move through the sea on little energy. They also come in various sizes and inhabit a range of aquatic habitats from shallow coastal areas to the deep-sea, meaning engineers have plenty to work with when looking for a mimic for particular uses” (source: LiveScience).


170 lbs. (77 kg)
5.6 ft. (1.7 m)
Operating Environment
Function Prototype for self-powered, autonomous robots that monitor the seas, map the seafloor and even reveal secrets of marine life
Development Stage Second generation prototype developed at the university level.
Unique Features SubmersibleVertical lift: moves from 8-feet-deep (2.4 m) to the surface with five complete pulsing motions.

Cyro uses an upward swimming motion for propulsion. Linear actuators move radially from an outward position in toward the center that create pulsing motions of the artificial mesoglea, or the gelatinous substance that makes up the jellyfish’s skin.


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