preorder The Apprentice Stone

Preorder The Apprentice Stone

We have made The Apprentice Stone novel (ebook) available for preorder at Amazon.

The Apprentice Stone novel at the Amazon website

This shocked me.

Amazon said it could take up to 72 hours to be posted. So, I rushed to complete the final editing and formatting. In the wee hours of the morning, I pushed the PUBLISH button with great trepidation.

I woke up this morning and … wow. There it was. I must admit I jumped up and down like a little kid on Christmas morning. Derek — my oldest son — stood behind me with his smart phone. I’m sure somewhere in social media is a video of me making a fool of myself. Meh, who cares. Finally, I am publishing the novel, and I can’t wait to hear what readers think.

A Thirteen Year Journey

The inspiration of this novel came thirteen years ago with the image of Francisco escaping a Moorish prison with his mentor-sage Angelo. I would show you the text, but it’s so bad you might think I’m a terrible author. Really, it’s that bad. The original story started with the poem:

There are those who have mistaken angels as men,
And others have mistaken men as angels.
Some of these apparent angels are not from heaven,
But have come from afar,
From worlds called Epi and Avar.

Yeah. Well, it gets the idea across, but not very captivating. So, I’m grateful for all the rejections and criticisms I’ve received over the years that should make “The Apprentice Stone” a better read.

Doing Time

Just a little trivia: The book title ran through many incarnations including: Bending Time, Doing Time, Finding Angels, and Recruiting Angels.

  • Time travelers are bending time.
  • In the original story, the Moors threw Francisco into prison. So, he was doing time.
  • The word angels played off Angelo’s name.

None of these really captured the theme. I even briefly entertained the title: “Time Travel Tip #213: How to Practice 27th Century Medicine in Medieval Spain and Not Get Caught.” A fellow author and critic (Cyndi Richards) suggested the current title: The Apprentice stone. I think she nailed it.

If you read the novel, what do you think? Does “The Apprentice Stone” work?


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