Nanoparticle Drug Delivery for Caner Treatment

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery for Cancer Treatment

Nanoparticle drug delivery for cancer treatment offers nanoparticles can attack cancer cells and cancer stem cells at the same time. Continue reading Nanoparticle Drug Delivery for Cancer Treatment

Typical smithy in Findland

Assembly Lines in the Dark Ages

Doesn’t seem possible, right? I mean assembly lines in the European Dark Ages? Yes. Technological innovation did not come to a halt after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th Century AD. It crawled, in some ways went backward, and in other ways forward. We need to define terms first. The time period I’m talking about is between the 5th to the … Continue reading Assembly Lines in the Dark Ages

The Apprentice Stone cover close-up

Cover Art Ready!

Eye Catching Cover The cover art for The Apprentice Stone is complete! A shout-out to the artist who did a wonderful job. I would recommend Rebeca from RebecaCovers to anyone because she is flexible, quick, and talented. Mysterious Elements The knight on the cover is the main character Francisco when he’s in his early thirties. Francisco is 12 to 16 in this novel. The castle in the fog behind him is Almovodar … Continue reading Cover Art Ready!

First Place Short Story Regional Award

I received first place in the Short Story category in the 2016 Regional Writing Awards – University of Akron Wayne College for my fantasy short story “Sapling of Gardak.” The awards are part of an annual Wayne College Writer’s Workshop that our local writing group (Wayne Novelist Guild) attends. This year, members of our group won five of the nine award placements. Poetry Roberta Angerman … Continue reading First Place Short Story Regional Award