The Apprentice Stone cover close-up

Cover Art Ready!

Eye Catching Cover The cover art for The Apprentice Stone is complete! A shout-out to the artist who did a wonderful job. I would recommend Rebeca from RebecaCovers to anyone because she is flexible, quick, and talented. Mysterious Elements The knight on the cover is the main character Francisco when he’s in his early thirties. Francisco is 12 to 16 in this novel. The castle in the fog behind him is Almovodar … Continue reading Cover Art Ready!

DecNef – Learning Through Brain Mapping “Matrix” Style

** SPOILER ALERT **  If you have not read Cohesion Lost but plan to, then do not read this.  It contains information that will spoil the plot. In the novel Cohesion Lost, Tenbu and his classmates use plexus beds to relive the lives of historic figures.  What a way to learn history.   Historical dates are no longer abstract.  When was the battle of Waterloo? If you … Continue reading DecNef – Learning Through Brain Mapping “Matrix” Style